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Menu: Customer | Customer Contra...


  • To make settlement of the outstanding between both customer and supplier accounts without any monetary transactions.
  • It will use an intermediate accounts known as Contra Account. This account balance must be ZERO.
Customer contra browse.png

Customer Contra - Basic Entry

1. Click on New button.
2. See the New Customer Contra entry form screenshot below.
Customer contra newsample2.png

3. Select the Customer Code. Direct key-in and search by either customer code or name.
4. Enter the Contra Amount (follow the customer currency).
5. Below is the example of the entry created:
Customer contra newsample.png
Double Entry will be:-
                                    DR           CR
 Contra Acc                RM 100.00
 Customer Control Acc                   RM 100.00
To ensure the contra account has set properly. [Contra Account]

Customer Contra - Knock-Off

Purpose to knock-off the invoices:

1. To show the outstanding invoices in Customer Aging Report.
2. To indicate the contra knock-off the invoices in Customer Statement.

Document Knock-Off

1. You can enter the knock-off amount into Pay column (auto tick).
2. Unapplied Amt will be reduced by the knock-off amount entered.
Customer contra knockoff.png

Partial Knock-Off

1. You can enter the knock-off amount into Pay column (auto tick).
2. Unapplied Amt will be reduced by the knock-off amount entered.
Customer-Customer Contra-04.png

Random Knock-Off

1. You can click on the Pay column. It will auto tick on the outstanding documents.
2. Unapplied Amt will be reduced according to the outstanding balance.
Customer-Customer Contra-06.png
Refund unapplied amount shows the customer contra amount not allocated/knock-off against any outstanding invoices and debit note.

Customer Contra - Attachment

  • It is very useful to attach any supporting documents.
  • In future, you able to retrieve and refer the attachment file easily.
1. You have to point to the attachment section.
2. Click on ( + ) button to insert the filename path.
3. See the sample screenshot below.
Cust contra-attach.png

Customer Contra - Note

1. Click on the Note section (on the LEFT side bar).
2. RIGHT click it, you will see the Rich Text Editor pop-up.
Customer-Customer Contra-08.jpg
3. You can start key-in the note. See the example screenshot below.
4. Click on X button to save and exit the Rich Text Editor.
Customer-Customer Contra-08b.jpg
5. You will get prompted the Save changes? message. Click YES to save it.
Customer Invoice-Note2.jpg

Customer Contra - Description

  • To show the customer contra description in the Customer Statement, eg. Contra IV-00005 .
Customer-Customer Contra-09.jpg
  • Sample of customer statement screenshot below.
Customer-Customer Contra-09b.jpg

GL Ledger - Contra Account

Menu: GL | Print Ledger Report...

1. Select the date range.
2. Select the account code, eg. 450-000 CONTRA ACCOUNT.
3. Tick on General Ledger.
4. Click Apply button.
5. Example of the Contra Account ledger as shown below.
Customer-Customer Contra-00.jpg

Contra Account should be zero balance after both customer and supplier contra are same amount.

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