Maintain Asset Item

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Menu: Asset | Asset Item...


Add new asset items.
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Maintain Asset Item

Maintain Asset Item
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Field Name Explanation & Properties
  • Input the new Asset Item Code
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 20
  • Input the Asset Item description, eg. Meeting Table, Toyota Vios, Perodua MYVI, etc
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 200
Asset Group
  • Select an appropriate Asset Group for depreciation calculation and GL Account code posting.
  • Select who is the Agent use this Asset Item.
  • Select where is the asset located.
Acquire Date
  • Set the acquire date for this asset.
  • Set the purchase cost for this asset.
Useful Life (Years)
  • Set the useful life of this asset.
Residual Value
  • Set the residual value for this asset.
  • Default is Active. Set Inactive and inactive date.

Depreciation Schedule

1. Select the Frequency to generate the depreciation schedule by :-
a. Monthly
b. Quarterly
c. Half Yearly
d. Yearly
2. Click Generate button.
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Set the depreciation allocation by Project (for Departmental/Cost Center purpose).
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Add the important remarks in the asset history. For instances:
a. who has borrow/ when has return this asset?
b. asset has send for repair or service...
c. asset has destroyed by flood
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Add the asset photo.
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Add the attachments for an asset
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