Maintain Asset Group

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Menu: Asset | Asset Group...


Group the asset items based on the following considerations.
a. Type of assets, eg. Motor Vehicle, Furniture, etc;
b. GL Account mapping.
Asset Group 01.jpg

Maintain Asset Group

Maintain Asset Group
Asset Group 02.jpg
Field Name Explanation & Properties
  • Input the new Asset Group Code
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 20
  • Input the Asset Group description, eg. Furniture, Motor Vehicle
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 200
Depreciation Method
  • Select an appropriate Depreciation Method to generate depreciation value
Fixed Asset
  • Select Balance Sheet GL Account code for Fixed Asset.
Accum Depreciation
  • Select Balance Sheet GL Account code for Accumulated Depreciation.
  • Select P&L GL Account for Depreciation of Asset.
Disposal Gain
  • Select P&L GL Account for Gain from Disposal Asset.
Disposal Loss
  • Select P&L GL Account for Loss from Disposal Asset.

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