Asset Disposal

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Menu: Asset | Asset Disposal...

Asset Disposal Entry

1. Click New.
2. Enter Date.
3. Select Asset wish to dispose.
4. Enter Description.
5. Enter Ref1, eg. invoice no.
6. Enter Ref2 if any.
7. Select Project. Default follow Asset Item.
8. Select Agent. Default follow Asset Item.
9. Select Area. Default follow Asset Item.
Asset-Disposal 02.jpg

General Tab

1. Cost, Accum Depreciation,and Net Book Value are retrieve from Maintain Asset Item automatically.
2. Key-in the Disposal value.
3. Select Payment Method to receive disposal value.
4. (Gain)/Loss workout automatically.
5. Gain/Loss Account default follow from Maintain Asset. May change the (Gain)/Loss Account if necessary.
Asset-Disposal 03.jpg

More Tab

Enter detailed Note.
Asset-Disposal 04.jpg


Add more attachment files
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