core:Command Line Switches

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Command line switches

The following switches are available when start SQL application from the command line.

You must precede all switches (unless otherwise noted) with a dash (-).

The switches are case-sensitive.

Command switches

Backup database.
-t <GUI|Console>
Run unit testing with GUI or Console application type.
For developer used only: Generate application integrity file.
For developer used only: Deploy runtime files.

General switches

-g <DCF File>
Optional. Access to DCF File
-d <database>
Optional. Access to Database File
-u <username>
Optional. Login username
-p <password>
Optional. Login password

Unit testing switches

-testparams <parameters>
Optional. Unit testing parameters.

Backup switches

-g <DCF File>
Optional. Backup all databases in specified DCF file.  Using default DCF file if not specified.
-d <database>
Optional. Backup specified database only.
-u <username>
Optional. Database server authenticated user name.  Use default user name if not specified.
-p <password>
Optional. Database server authenticated password. Use default password if not specified.
-to=<backup to folder>
Required. Folder to store backup files.
Optional. Remove temporary tables before backup.
Optional. Compress backup file using ZIP file format.
Optional. Send email notification.
-ap <base64 password>
Undocumented option. Database ADMIN password(s) separated by CRLF and encoded with Base64.

E-mail switches

-smtp_host=<host or IP address>
SMTP Server host name or IP address.
SMTP Service port number.
Username for SMTP authentication.
Password for SMTP authentication.
Sender's e-mail address.
Recipients e-mail address.