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To inquire the item pricing for a supplier.
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Supplier Pricing Inquiry

Supplier Price Inquiry

1. To select the item code to inquire the purchase price.
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1. To select the supplier to inquire the purchase price.
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Profit Estimator

You can enter the values (eg. quantity, UOM, Price Tag, unit price, discount, sales tax (GST) and ref.cost) to calculate the profit according to the reference cost of the item selected.
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Price Book Reference

To check the reference cost in different UOM from Maintain Stock Item.
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Your SQL Purchase Assistant

Quick access to:-
a. Price History Inquiry - Purchase | Print Purchase Price History...
b. Stock Status/Back Order - Purchase | Print Outstanding Purchase Document Listing...(Outstanding Purchase Order)
c. Cost of Stock in Hand - Stock | Print Stock Month End Balance...
d. Supplier Aging Details - Supplier | Print Supplier Aging Report...
e. Purchase & Collection Analysis - Supplier | Print Supplier Purchase & Payment Analysis...
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