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Menu: Supplier | Supplier Credit Note...


  • Credit note is use to reduce and offset the outstanding invoices or debit note.
  • For those Credit Note created from Purchase module, you are require to offset against the outstanding Invoices/Debit Note here.
  • You can check any unapplied amount for a credit note. Unapplied amount meaning the credit note amount must find the invoice / debit note to knock-off.
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-01.jpg

Supplier Credit Note - Entry

1. Click on New button.
2. See the New Supplier Credit Note entry form screenshot below.

Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-02.jpg

3. Select the Supplier Code. You direct key-in and search by either supplier code or name.
4. Input the Purchase A/c and amount to be credit.
5. Below is the example of the entry created:

Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-03.jpg
Double Entry will be:-
                                  DR         CR
 Supplier Control Acc       RM500.00
 Purchase Returns                      RM500.00

Unapplied Amount

  • Unapplied amount shows the credit note amount not allocated/knock-off against any outstanding invoices and debit note.
  • It will remains in supplier aging report show as negative amount (-).
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-04.jpg

Knock-off Outstanding

  • To knock-off the outstanding invoice/debit note, TICK the checkbox beside the pay column.
  • You can direct input the pay amount into pay column.
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-05.jpg

Supplier Credit Note - Project

  • There are 2 types of project you need to be take note.
  1. Document Project
  2. Detail Project
  • For document project, you need to point to MORE section (on the left side bar).
  • For detail project, you have to insert the project column out from Field Chooser.
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-06.jpg
Label Types Explanation
A Document Project It represent the project for a document to be debit.
B Detail Project It represent the project for individual GL Account to be credit.

Supplier Credit Note - Attachment

  • It is very useful to attach any supporting documents to a credit note.
  • In future, you able to retrieve and refer the attachment file easily.
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-07.jpg

1. You have to point to the attachment section.
2. Click on ( + ) button to insert the filename path.
3. See the sample screenshot below.

Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-07b.jpg

Supplier Credit Note - Note

1. Click on the Note section (on the LEFT side bar).
2. RIGHT click it, you will see the Rich Text Editor pop-up.
3. You can start key-in the note. See the example screenshot below.
4. Click on X button to save and exit the Rich Text Editor.

Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-08.jpg

5. You will get prompted the Save changes? message. Click YES to save it.

Customer Credit Note-Note2.jpg

Supplier Credit Note - C/N Description

1. To show the document description in Supplier Statement, eg. Overcharged-Stationery April 2015.
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-09.jpg

2. Sample of supplier statement screenshot below.
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-09b.jpg

Foreign Exchange Currency Gain/Loss

  • Difference in the foreign currency exchange rate will AUTO post the FOREX Gain/Loss entry into GL.
  • Posting date can be changed to reflect the FOREX Gain/Loss for a month.
Supplier-Supplier Credit Note-10.jpg