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This Function & Mobile App which is use for Stock Take


01. Able to Stock Take/Count using Smartphone
02. Sync to SQL Accounting Stock Adjustment wireless
03. Able to Check Price


01. Unable to Sync if no WiFi or WiFi signal is very Weak
02. Drain Mobile Phone battery if keep On the Scanner
03. Only support Android


  • Wireless Network with same Network with SQL Accounting
  • SQL Accounting Version 781 & above
  • Smart Phone requirement
  • 4 GB RAM &
  • 32 GB Storage (more Item more storage required)
  • Android 6 (Marshmallow) and above
  • Permission - Camera
  • Barcode for Each Item Code

Stock Take App

History New/Updates/Changes

--26 Nov 2019(1.2.2)--

  • Import selection UI
  • Virtual Keyboard hide does not reset edit focus
  • Physical barcode scanner mode will causes double updates after modify value through spinner.

--20 Nov 2019(1.2.1)--

  • File / Folder list are now sorted in ascending order
  • File / Folder select animation

--19 Nov 2019(1.2.0)--

  • Fixed DB upgrade with new indexes may not be added.

--05 Nov 2019(1.1.9)--

  • import items list from SQL Account through manual file transfer
  • export stock take items to SQL Account through manual file transfer

--24 Oct 2019(1.1.8)--

  • Fix Discovering server process will not be completed once application is reset (connect to different server or having new job).
  • Fix If problem 1 exist, app restart will have same problem when initiate import by clicking on either Stock Take, Price Check, or Picking List button at home page.
  • Improve Update / resync import data will no longer drop server connection. If the app is currently connected to a server, it'll directly skip to retrieving import data operation.

--21 Oct 2019(1.1.7)--

  • Updated UI for stock take item info frame and item history log info frame.
  • Fixed virtual keyboard doesn't hide when user clicks on item's image in stock take item info frame and item history log info frame.

--18 Oct 2019(1.1.6)--

  • Lengthen server discovery time

--16 Oct 2019(1.1.5)--

  • Speed up import barcode process.
  • Auto close item info and log item info frame when changed info is saved.
  • Fixed Auto disconnect once stock take using camera.
  • UI speed up for search item frame.

--15 Oct 2019--

  • Fixed keyboard will not show up when set reference in camera mode (for picking list mode).

--04 Oct 2019-2--

  • Fixed Price Checker mode does not show dialog when scanning item barcode instead of item code.
  • Fixed Stock Take / Picking List mode will now accept both item code and barcode when barcode format is used.

--04 Oct 2019-1--

  • Fixed scaling problem for Price Checker Dialog UI

--04 Oct 2019--

  • Modified Price Checker Dialog and updated hide filter box icon.

--01 Oct 2019--

  • Fixed First-time tethering will show error Connection Timeout.


SQL Accounting

01. Stock | Stock Take
Click Allow Access if Windows Prompt the above warning
Leave this Screen Open as It will auto sync & update

After Done Scanning

09. Click Calculate Stock Take (System will compare with Month End As At Posted)
10. Click Post Stock Adjustments

Stock Take

02. When to Sync Data
After Done Sycn
03. Click Stock Take
04. Click Scan to begin Scan
05. If the Item Code Had More then 1 UOM it will prompt as Above.
06. Select the UOM & Click Select to Confirm
07. Here User can Adjust the Quantity Field (Optional)
08. Click Stop to End Scanning


How to Reset/Start New Batch/Job of Stock Take?

In SQL Accounting
In Stock Take App