Stock Item Disassembly

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Menu: Production | Stock Item Disassembly...


Stock Item Disassembly is an entry form to record the actual components (materials) to be received after convert or disassemble from the final product.

Components (materials) will be added into the stock balance. However, the final products will be deduct out from the stock balance. You can always check the stock movement from the stock card report.

Stock Item Disassembly (DS) Entry

1. CLICK on New button.

2. Select the Disassembly Code to disassembly.

3. Enter the quantity. BOM components quantity based on the BOM master in Maintain Stock Item.

4. CLICK on Save button.

Stock Balance Result After Disassembly

Stock balance results:
Item Code Qty DS After DS Qty
End Products BOM 5.00 -5.00 0.00
Component ANT 0.00 +5.00 5.00
Component C-PRE-100 0.00 +5.00 5.00
Component COVER 0.00 +15.00 15.00

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