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Menu: Stock | Stock Adjustment...


Stock Adjustment is an entry to adjust the stock qty differences. Commonly use for:-
a. stock size conversion ;
b. stock take adjustment.
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Stock Adjustment

1. Click on New.
Stock-Stock Adjustment-02.jpg

2. Enter the Description to describe the stock adjustment entry, eg. "Stock Adjustment".
3. Add the items to be adjust.
4. You may enter the reason, remark and authorised by for future reference.
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5. Click on Save to commit the stock adjustment qty.

Update Cost

1. You update the unit cost by click on Update Cost button.
2. System will based on the update cost method to retrieve the unit cost for each items. There are:-
Stock-Stock Adjustment-04.jpg

No. Update Cost Method Explanation
1 Use Ref.Cost When Qty <= 0 (by default) If qty balance below to 0, unit cost will update with Reference Cost from Maintain Stock Item.
2 Use Strict Costing Unit cost calculated from the Costing Method set in Maintain Stock Group.
3 Use Serial Number Costing Unit cost will based on the serial number.