SST-Tariff Code

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  • Tariff classification is a complex yet extremely important aspect of cross-border trading.
  • Goods imported from or to Malaysia are classified by the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) or commonly referred to as HS Codes.
  • The codes, created by World Customs Organization (WCO), categorize up to 5,000 commodity
  • HS Codes are made of 6-digit numbers that are recognized internationally, though different countries can extend the numbers by two or four digits to define commodities at a more detailed level.
  • Click here to search the tariff code list from Kastam system.

Quick Setup for Tariff Code

1. Create the tariff code applicable to your product at Maintain Tariff.
SST-Tariff Code-01.jpg

2. Pick a tariff code for an items at Maintain Stock Item.
SST-Tariff Code-02.jpg

3. For exemption certificate case (under Schedule A, B, C), a tariff and tax code (SEA, SEB, SEC1, SEC2, SEC3, SEC4, SEC5) should set in Maintain Customer and Maintain Supplier (Tariff code setting under Tax Tab).
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