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Is External Shareware Program which to import Cash Register Electronic Journal (EJ) file to

  • Sales Cash Sales
  • Customer Payment

Supported Model

Format 1

  • XE-A147
  • XE-A137

Format 2

  • XE-A207
  • XE-A217
  • XE-A307
  • ER-A411/ER-A421

Import Program

History New/Updates/Changes

--Build 1--

  • Upgrade to Version 1.1.
  • Upgrade to New Compiler.
  • Increase evaluation Limit to 5 times.
  • Add support Cheque & Credit Card Payment.
  • Add TotalDocAmt, TotalPay & FullPay Field.
  • Add Show Full Pay Only & Show Part Pay Only Filtering
  • Auto Rename the file to EJFILE-yyyy-mm-dd.sda after post to SQLAcc.

--Build 0--



Cash Register Machine
Below is the setting to be set in your Cash Register Machine

  • Updated 19 Mar 2016
  • All setting can be done at PGM mode → Setting → function text
  • For Currency can be done at PGM mode → Setting → Optional → Basic system
Description Function Text
Currency Symbol CURRENCY TEXT RM
GST Standard Rate Symbol TXBL1 SYMBOL S
GST Zero Rate Symbol TXBL2 SYMBOL Z
Taxable subtotal (SubTotalWithTax) TAX1 ST GST TAX AMT
Taxable subtotal (SubTotalWithTax) TAX2 ST ZERO TAX AMT
DocAmt Total ***TOTAL
Total Before Service Charge Subtotal SUBTOTAL
Service Charge SER.CHRG SER.CHRG
Total After Service Charge before GST NET 1 NET
Cash Payment CASH CASH
Cheque Payment CHECK CHECK
Credit Card Payment CREDIT CREDIT

  • All amount should be in Tax Inclusive as this is GST Rule for Simplified Tax Invoice
  • You are not allow to VOID the Invoice

SQL Accounting
May refer to Point 1 at Things To Consider Before Import/Post

Cash Register Import
Menu: Tools | Options...

Function Description
DisplayFormatQty Display Format For Quantity Field
DisplayFormatUnitPrice Display Format For Unit Price Field
DisplayFormatAccountValue Display Format For Amount Field
*MachineType Last used Machine Type
*CompanyCode Last used Customer Code
*SalesCodeSR Last used Sales Code for SR
*SalesCodeZR Last used Sales Code for ZR
*PaymentMethodCash Last used Cash Payment Method Code
*PaymentMethodChq Last used Cheque Payment Method Code
*PaymentMethodCredit Last used Credit Card Payment Method Code
*PostAsOne Posting Type
DocNoFormat Document Number Format for PostAsOne = 1
NextDocNo Next Document Number for PostAsOne = 1

Template.Tips-01.jpg Notes
  • User may ignore the option with * as this can be set on Posting Screen
  • For Service Charge & Rounding system will use SalesCodeSR



Menu: Cash Sales...

01. Select Machine Type
02. Click Get File & browse to the folder & look for EJFILE.SDA
03. Steps 2
Select Debtor Code for Debtor Field
Select Sales Account Code for SR
Select Sales Account Code for ZR
04. Payment Method
Select Payment Method Account Code For Cash
Select Payment Method Account Code For Cheque
Select Payment Method Account Code For Credit Card
05. Tick Post As 1 Record if you wanted to post all transaction as 1 Cash Sales (Recommended)
Option Description
True (Tick) System will Post to SQL Accounting As 1 Cash Sales (Recommended)
False (UnTick) System will Post 1 by 1 InvNo to Cash Sales
Select the Date (applicable if Post As 1 Record is Selected)
06. Click Verify to check any Duplicate Cash Sales Number
07. Click Post To A/c button to Post.


How do I know which EJ File had posted?

In Build 1 & above once the EJ had posted to SQL Acc it will automatic rename the EJ file to EJFILE-yyyy-mm-dd.sda (yyy-mm-dd is the date posted)

May refer to FAQ

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