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Menu: Purchase | Purchase Debit Note..


  • Purchase Debit note is used to increase your expense amount.
  • Or to increase the amount of credit that you owe your supplier
Purchase debit note browse.png

Purchase Debit Note - Entry

1. Click on New button.
2. See the New Purchase Debit Note entry form screenshot below.
Purchase debit note new.png
3. Select the Supplier Code. You direct key-in and search by either supplier code or name.
  • press the TAB button on your keyboard to shift the search method. The highlighted column indicates the search by column
Purchase debit note-tab.png
4. Select the Item Codes, key in the quantity and price.
Purchase debit note sample.png

Purchase Debit Note: Project

  • There are 2 types of project you need to be take note.
  1. Document Project
  2. Detail Project
  • For document project, you need to point to MORE section (on the left side bar).
  • For detail project, you have to insert the project column out from Field Chooser.
Purchase DN-project.png

Purchase Debit Note - Attachment

You can use this feature to attach external PDF, excel, word documents and image files.

Purchase DN-attach.png
1. Go to the left of the screen and click "Attachment"
2. Click the small black arrow at the red plus icon
3. select File , and choose the file form your computer that you want to attach

Purchase Debit - Note

1. Click on the Note section (on the LEFT side bar).
2. RIGHT click it, you will see the Rich Text Editor pop-up.
3. You can start key-in the note. See the example screenshot below.
4. Click on X button to save and exit the Rich Text Editor.
5. You will get prompted the Save changes? message. Click YES to save it.
Purchase DN-note.png

Purchase Debit Note - Report

  • After saving your purchase DN you can preview your report. Press the preview icon to preview your report
  • You can print, export your report, or send it to your customer via whatsapp.
Purchase debit note-preview.png

How to send report via Whatsapp

Report send 1.png
Purchase DN-whatsapp.png

A QR code will appear on the screen. Scan the QR code with your Whatsapp's WhatsappWeb function

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