Print Stock Aging

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Menu: Stock| Print Stock Aging...


  • Print Stock Aging is used to see how many quantities of a certain stock that you have on hand and how much quantity of that stock is sold
Stock aging loc.png

How to Print Stock Aging

  • Go to Stock -> Print Stock Aging
  • Set your filter option and group by options
Stock aging filter.png
Stock aging groupby.png
  • Tick Qty and/or Cost if you want to see the aging for both or either
Stock age-agecost.png
  • set stock aging type
Stock aging type.png
  • Months = aging calculated by every 1 months
  • Months + 5 Years = aging calculated for every month and also above 5 years
  • 3 motnhs = aging calculated every 3 months
  • Press Apply Button
  • Click Preview
Stock age-report.png

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