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Menu: Purchase| Print Purchase Price History...


  • Print Purchase Price History can be used for you to see past purchases price history, price movement, price breakdown.
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How to Print Purchase Price History

Purchase price his-search.png
  • Select which Document listing you want to see. Follow the image
  • Filter the documents by supplier, agent, area etc
Purchase price his-filter.png
  • Select how many records you want to display
Purchase price his-selectrecordno.png
  • Press Apply Button
Purchase pric his-page.png
  • Click Preveiw & Listing Report
Purchase price his-preview.png
  • Example of customer invoice listing report
Purchase price his-preview2.png

  • Example of price history:
Purchase price his-price-history.png
  • price movement :
Purchase price his-pricemovement.png
  • price/qty breakdown :
Purchase price his-breakdown.png
  • price book:
Purchase price his-pricetag.png
Field Name Explanation
Price histroy
  • See past price of stock item
Price movement
  • See price movement for each stock item on a line graph
Price/ Qty breakdown
  • See each price breakdown for your stock item. Data displayed on pie chart.
Price Book
  • See price tag for item code

Group/Sort By

  • You can filter your documents based on Document, Agent, Area, Currency, Project and Company Category
  • You can use the Group by/Sort by table to choose how you want to group your report listing
Purchase price his-groupbysortby.png
  • Select the Listing Report
Purchase price his-groupbysortby-report.png
  • Here is an example of the report
Purchase price his-groupbysortby-report2.png

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