Print Purchase Analysis by Document

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Menu: Purchase| Print Analysis By Document...


  • Print Analysis By Document can be used for you to see total invoice purchases, cash purchase, credit and debit notes by document.
Pur analysis by doc.png

How to Print Analysis By Document

Pur analysis by doc-search.png
  • Filter the documents by supplier, agent, area etc
Pur analysis by doc-filter.png
  • Select which documents you want to see, if you want to see RM amount or quantity , and if you want to include tax and foreign currency.
Pur analysis by doc-doctype.png
  • Press Apply Button
Pur analysis by doc.png
  • Click Preveiw & Listing Report
  • Example of the analysis report
Pur analysis by doc-report.png

Group/Sort By

  • You can filter your documents based on Document, Agent, Area, Currency, Project and Company Category
  • You can use the Group by/Sort by table to choose how you want to group your report listing
Pur analysis by doc-groupby.png

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