Print Job Order Listing

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Menu: Production| Print Job Order Listing...


  • Print Job Order Listing can be used for you to see all the job order documents that you have issued.

How to Print Job Order Listing

  • Go to Production -> Select the report
Print-job order listing-select.png
  • Select the Document Master Details
Print-job order listing-documentMaster.png
  • Select the Document Details
Print-job order listing-documentDetail.png
  • Press Apply Button
  • Click Preveiw
  • Example of job order listing report
Print-job order listing-report.png

Print Document Style

  • Tick relevant check boxes
Print-job order listing-printdocstyle.png
Field Name Explanation
Print Document Style
  • Tick this checkbox to print out bulk report or send batch email
Include Cancelled Documents
  • Tick this checkbox to include cancelled documents in the listing

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