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File | Import Data...


This function is to import Text file from Any Attendance System to SQL Payroll.
For example text file may refer to Import_Data#Guideline_.26_Example

Type Information/Data Import

  1. Pending Overtime
  2. Pending Deduction
  3. Leave Application
  4. Pending Wages
  5. Pending Unpaid Leave
Template.Tips-01.jpg Notes
Different Attendance Software had different availability of Data Import


Below example is import Pending Overtime & is applicable for other Attendance System

1. Click File | Import Data | <Select the Time Attendance> (eg ELID, SynGlobal Time Attendance, etc)
2. Click the 3 Dot Button to Open
Field Properties
Data From Is the path for the CSV file to be import.
New Setting... Create New Setting for New Import.
Load Setting... Use the saved Setting created/saved on last import from Database.
Load From File... Use the saved Setting created/saved on last import from External XML File.
Manage Setting Button For Delete the saved Setting created/saved on last import from Database (See below picture).
Field Properties
Delete Button To delete the selected record(s).
3. Click Next
Fields Properties
Description Setting Name.
Save button Save the current setting for future use.
From row From which row number in the CSV file start to import.
Separator Options Type of separator in the CSV file.
Fields Which Column To Map and Import.
4. Click Finish button after finish select & Map all the fields.
5. Click Ok

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