Maintain User (Acc)

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Menu: Tools | Maintain User...


To add new user and grant the access rights.

Maintain User

1. Click New to create new user ID.
Tools-Maintain User-01.jpg
2. Click on Edit to change the existing user setting.
Tools-Maintain User-02.jpg
3. Click on More, you will found more items:-
Tools-Maintain User-03.jpg
No Actions Explanation
1 Copy User To copy the existing user all the setting, including the access rights.
2 Paste User To paste the existing user with all the setting after copy user.
3 Access Control To set the access rights for the modules.
4 Export Access Right To export the user access rights.
5 Import Access Right To import the user access rights.
6 Change Password Create or change the password.
7 Document Number For multiple document number set, you able to assign it to different users.
8 Form Mode To assign the Form Mode (created under Tools  Maintain Form Mode…) to different users.

4. Click on Access Control, you will get the screenshot below.
Tools-Maintain User Group-04.jpg
No Label Name Explanation
1 Execute To use the functions from the menu list.
2 New To create new documents.
3 Edit To modify the documents.
4 Delete To delete the documents.
5 Process N/A to SQL Accounting. It apply to SQL Payroll.
6 Print To print.
7 Preview To preview.
8 Export To export.
No Label Name Explanation
1 Grant Action button to grant the access rights.
2 Revoke Action button to disallow the access rights.
3 Grant All Action button to grant all the access rights.
4 Revoke All Action button to disallow all the access rights.

5. You can grant the access rights as highlighted. See the screenshot below.
Tools-Maintain User-05.jpg
6. Click on Reports from the options. You can assign rights to the reports by users which the user allow to use it.
Tools-Maintain User-06.jpg
7. Same, you can grant the access rights for the reports highlighted.
Tools-Maintain User-07.jpg