Maintain Stock Item Matrix Profile

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It commonly use to organize the coding requirement to generate the item code. Very frequent use in the following industries:-
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-01.jpg

Maintain Stock Item Matrix

1. Example of the stock item matrix settings to generate the T-Shirt code with different sizes and colors.
2. See the requirement setting as shown in the screenshot below.
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-02.jpg

3. Matrix setting:-
Matrix Setting Length Code Note
Prefix 1 - 5 5 To enter a prefix when generate the item code.
Dimension 1 (Row) 7 - 10 4


Preset code list.
Dimension 2 (Column) 12 - 13 1

_S, _M, _L, XL

Preset code list.
Separator - 1 A separator between the prefix, dimension row and column.

Code length must follow as set in Matrix Settings constantly, especially the Dimension 1 (Row) and 2 (Column).

How Does It Works

Generate Matrix Item Code

1. Go to Maintain Stock Item.
2. Right click the area below the Detail button.
3. Click on Generate Item Code. See the screenshot below.
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-03.jpg

4. Select the Matrix Profile,eg. SHIRT.
5. Enter a Prefix,eg. CROC.
6. Select an Item Group,eg. T-Shirt.
7. Press Ok to start generate.
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-04.jpg

8. List of CROC item code created in Maintain Stock Item.
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-05.jpg

Generate Invoice Using Matrix

1. At Sales Invoice, select one of the prefix item code, eg. CROC.
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-06.jpg

2. Click on Matrix tab. You can start enter the quantity in the dimension row and column.
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-06b.jpg

3. Click back to Invoice tab. Item code will be inserted automatically.
Stock-Maintain Stock Item Matrix-06c.jpg