Maintain Stock Category

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Menu: Stock | Maintain Stock Category...


1. It can be use as to extend to categorize the stock besides the stock group.
2. It allows to set multiple stock category for an stock item code.
3. Commonly use for:-
a. Brandings, eg. Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, etc;
b. Country origins;
c. Product types, eg. raw materials, trading products, manufactured products;
Stock-Maintain Stock Category-01.jpg

Maintain Stock Category

Maintain Stock Category form as shown the screenshot below.
Stock-Maintain Stock Category-02.jpg
Field Name Explanation & Properties
  • Input the new Stock Category code.
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 15
  • Input the Stock Category description.
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 200