Maintain Payment Method (Acc)

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Menu: Tools | Maintain Payment Method...


1. Payment Method is a self-created from GL | Maintain Account, especially the Cash/Bank special type account.
2. It is the cash / bank account setting.
Maintain Payment Method-Browse.jpg

EDIT the Payment Method

Screenshot below is the Payment Method form.
Maintain Payment Method-Edit.jpg
Field Name Explanation & Properties
  • Auto generate from GL | Maintain Account
  • As Default
  • Define the currency for Foreign Bank.
  • (Advanced Currency module is compulsory)
  • Local Bank - Always default as currency code (----)
Overdraft Limit
  • Field Type : Numeric
Bank Charge Acc
  • Select different Bank Charge acc
OR Number Set
  • Select different OR Document Set Number
PV Number Set
  • Select different PV Document Set Number

Overdraft Limit

Overdraft limit in Maintain Payment Method can be view in Cash Flow Inquiry from Inquiry menu. See below screenshot.
Maintain Payment Method-Overdraft.jpg

OR/PV Number Set

You can select the number set from where you have create the OR/PV doc type in Maintain Document Number. See below screenshot
Maintain Payment Method-NumberSet.jpg