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Menu: Tools | Form Mode...


1. It helps to filter the data based on the conditions defined.
2. It is very useful for those who DO NOT ALLOW certain users to access the documents.
3. For example, agent Lip Fong' can view and access the sales invoices belong to his agent code LF ONLY.

Maintain Form Mode (eg. Filtered by Agent)

1. Click on New.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-01.jpg

2. Enter a Code, eg. IV-LF, IV-SF...
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-02.jpg

3. Select the Form to filter, eg. Invoice.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-03.jpg

4. Click on Customize Filter. Click on press the button to add a new condition.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-04.jpg

5. Choose a field to filter, eg. Agent (SL_IV.AGENT).
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-05.jpg

6. Change the filter operators, eg. equals.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-06.jpg

7. Enter the agent code.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-07.jpg

8. Filter Text will be display as: (SL_IV.AGENT = 'LF').
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-08.jpg

9. Other optional setting.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-09.jpg
Options Explanation
Allow Multiple Windows To allow duplicate Windows screen by click from the menu list.
Force Filter Force filter.
Split Browse & Detail Windows Enable to split the Windows when click on Browse and Detail button.
Default Windows
* Browse
* Detail
To set the default mode.

10. Lets said you have created more than 1 form mode for same form (eg.invoice). Go to Sales | Invoice, you will get prompt the select browse mode to choose. See the screenshot below.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-10.jpg

How to lock the form mode by Agent

1. Go to Tools | User Access Right Assignment...
2. Under the list of security, click on form mode.
3. Select the user, eg. user code: LF (Lip Fong).
4. Tick to allow execute the form mode, eg. tick on form mode: IV-LF.
5. Click Save. See the screenshot below.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-11.jpg

6. Login the user as LF.
7. Go to Sales | Invoice...
8. User LF can see the invoices belong to his agent code: LF.
Tools-Maintain Form Mode-12.jpg

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