Maintain Document Number

From eStream Software

Menu: Tools | Maintain Document Number...


1. Enable to maintain different sets of document number for each document types.
2. It is very useful if you have different branches create the invoices, eg. KLIV-00001, PGIV-00001, etc.
Tools-Maintain Document Number-01.jpg

Create New Document Number Set

Click on New. See the below screenshot.
Tools-Maintain Document Number-02.jpg
Field Name Explanation
Description Input the document number set description, eg. KL Branch Invoice
Document Type Select an appropriate document type.
Format You can define the format (%.5d). For example,
  • KLIV-%.5d
  • {@YYMM}-%.5d (this format can use frequency reset monthly or yearly)
Script Not longer use
Frequency Select an appropriate frequency.
  • Never Reset
  • Reset Monthly
  • Reset Yearly
Next Number To set the next running number.