Maintain Currency

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1. Currency use to convert the foreign value into local value by multiplying with the defined exchange rate.
2. You can create and set the currency and the exchange rate.
3. Default currency (----) is your based home currency. For example, your Financial Reports currency is SGD, then you should rename the default currency's description and symbol to "SINGAPORE DOLLAR" and "SGD" respectively.
Maintain Currency-Browse.jpg

Create New Currency

Screenshot below is the Currency entry form.
Maintain Currency-Entry Form.jpg
Field Name Explanation & Properties
  • Input the new currency code
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 6
  • Input the ISO Currency code, eg MYR, SGD, USD, etc.
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 6
  • Input the Currency description
  • Field type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 30
We BUY at rate
  • Exchange rate relate to PURCHASE module
  • Field type : Numeric
We SELL at rate
  • Exchange rate relate to SALES module
  • Field type : Numeric

Create Periodic Exchange Rate Table

1. You can define periodic exchange rate from date to date.
2. Click on the (+) sign to insert or (-) sign to remove. See below screenshot.
Maintain Currency-Entry Form-Periodic Currency2.jpg

3. See below screenshot as example.
Maintain Currency-Entry Form-Periodic Currency.jpg
Doc Type Doc Date Exchange Rate
Sales Invoice 02/01/2013 SellingRate = 3.2055
Cash Sales 15/02/2013 SellingRate = 3.1890
Purchase Invoice 15/01/2013 BuyingRate = 3.2112
Cash Purchase 08/02/2013 BuyingRate = 3.1550