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1. To execute a simple commission script to determine the commission rate based on the payment age (Payment Date - Invoice Date).
2. Sales Commission Script module is required.

Maintain Commission Script

Browse mode in Maintain Style. See the below screenshot.
Tools-Maintain Commission Script-01.jpg

To Create New Commission Script

1. Click on NEW. See the below screemshot.
Tools-Maintain Commission Script-02.jpg

Field Name Explanation
Code Input the new code.
Description Input the commission script description.
Script Load the commission script.

2. Example of the scripts:
a. Script 1
OnOpen Script
procedure CalculateCommission(AKODocAmt, AAge: variant; var Value: variant);
  if AAge < 10 then
    Value := AKODocAmt * 0.05
  else if AAge < 20 then
    Value := AKODocAmt * 0.03
  else if AAge < 30 then
    Value := AKODocAmt * 0.02
    Value := AKODocAmt * 0.005;