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Menu: Payroll | Generate Payment Voucher/Journal Entry...


1. To generate the monthly payroll data converted into double entry and get post into SQL Account.
2. It is available in SQL Payroll version 129 and above.
3. It is available to import payroll data in SQL Account version 745 and above.

Generate PVJV 01.jpg

Overview of the Process Flow

Generate PVJV 02.jpg

Modules Require

  • Payroll Accounting (SQL Payroll)

Configure Payroll Accounting (1 time setup)

Menu : Payroll | Generate Payment Voucher / Journal Entry...

1. At Generate Payment Voucher / Journal Entry, click on Configure Payroll Accounting.
Generate PVJV 03.jpg

2. Overview of the Configure Payroll Accounting settings screen.
Generate PVJV 09.jpg

Step 1 SQL Account GL Code

1. Click on Load From File.
Generate PVJV 04 a.jpg
2. Select a SQL Account file (*.txt) and click Open.
Generate PVJV 04 c.jpg
3. After the SQL Account GL Code has loaded, the company name will be display and ladt saved date and time.
Generate PVJV 05 a.jpg
4. Click Remove File button if you wish to load the new chart of account.

Step 2 GL Account Mapping

1. After load the chart of accounts (in step 1), you are able to lookup and map the GL Account code to wages, allowance, overtime, bonus, etc accordingly.

Generate PVJV 06.jpg

2. Example of the account mapping:

Payroll Account Acc Type
Wages Salary P&L
Allowance Allowance, eg. meal, petrol, parking P&L
Overtimes Overtimes P&L
Commission Sales Commission P&L
Claim Petrol, Toll, other expenses claims P&L
Paid Leave Salary P&L
Director Fees Director Fees P&L
Bonus Bonus P&L
Advance Paid Salary P&L
Loan Loan B/S
Deduction Salary P&L
CP38 Salary P&L
Unpaid Leave Salary P&L
Advance Deduct Salary P&L
Employee EPF (Accrual) EPF Accrual B/S
Employer EPF (JE) Employer EPF P&L
Employee SOCSO (Accrual) SOCSO Accrual B/S
Employer SOCSO (JE) Employer SOCSO P&L
PCB Income Tax (PCB) Accrual B/S
Employee EIS (Accrual) SOCSO Accrual B/S
Employer EIS (JE) Employer EIS / SOCSO P&L
Adjustment Salary P&L
Payment Method Bank Account B/S

Step 3 Posting Method

1. Generate posting entry by Payment Voucher or by Journal Entry.
2. Group by Employee (available in payment voucher), Branch, Department, HR group, or Category.
3. Tick to With Project Code to post the entry with project code.
4. OPTIONAL: Generate Journal Entry for Employer EPF, SOCSO Accrual. (by default is untick). For some company might charge the Employer EPF and SOCSO accrual in next month.
Generate PVJV 07a.jpg

Generate Payment Voucher / Journal Entry

To generate the Payment Voucher or Journal Entry from SQL Payroll. Click on Generate.
Generate PVJV 08.jpg

Import Payment Voucher / Journal Entry

SQL Account Menu: File | Import | (SQL Payroll) Import Payment Voucher / Journal Entry...

1. Login the SQL Account database.
2. Go to File | Data Import (SQL Payroll) | Import Payment Voucher / Journal Entry...
File-Import PVJV 01.jpg

3. Click on Select File from the Payment Voucher/Journal Entry (payroll data) generate from SQL Payroll.
4. Click on Execute.
File-Import PVJV 02.jpg

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