Foreign Bank Adjustment

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  • To revalue the foreign bank balance
  • Calculate and post double entry for the unrealize FOREX gain/loss


We can use Foreign Bank Adjustment to revalue the bank balance every end of the month.
Refer this ledger:


Local Balance is now RM 57,350 and you wish to revalue it using month exchange rate 4.50000 to get the local balance RM 56,250. How to do?

Foreign Bank Adjustment Entry =

1. Click on New
2. Enter the date, eg. end of the month 3. Click on Bank Revalue button

GL-Foreign Bank Adjustment 2.jpg

4. Choose the foreign bank, system will get the bank balance from the ledger as per the date. 5. Enter the Revalue currency rate, eg. 4.5000. System will auto calculate the unrealize FOREX gain/loss.

GL-Foreign Bank Adjustment 3.jpg

6. Click OK to proceed.
7. Click on Save

GL-Foreign Bank Adjustment 4.jpg

Ledger Report

After foreign bank adjustment, local bank balance has been revalued to RM56,250.

GL-Foreign Bank Adjustment 5.jpg