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In Fast Report there is no such function call Shit Relative To. This only available in Report Builder. So to simulate this function we had created the below script.


  • Fast Report
  • SQL Accounting Version 721 & above


Below is example using Sales Invoice

01. Place all the component (eg TfrxMemoView or TfrxRichView) as following
02. Only TfrxMemoView component need to select Dataset & DataField
03. For TfrxRichView component must leave it empty for Dataset & DataField
04. For TfrxRichView double click & select the ABC icon & select the Data Field
05. Click Tick icon after select the Field
06. On each component(i.e. MmDesc, RichDesc3 & RichSN) set all the GapY to 0
07. Click on the Empty place (see icon 1 below)
08. Double click OnBeforePrint (see icon 2 above)
09. Enter below script
procedure Page1OnBeforePrint(Sender: TfrxComponent);
  //For Version 721 & above 
  ShiftRelative([MmDesc, RichDesc3, RichSN]); // ShiftRelative([ComponentName1, ComponentName2, ComponentName3]) // For DetailData1
  ShiftRelative([MmDescM, RichDesc3M]); // For DetailData2
10. Save the Report.

Template.Tips-01.jpg Note: Fastest way to do (For Version 721 & above Only)

01. Copy from the build in report (Sales Invoice 7 (GST 1))
02. Paste to your report
03. Direct jump to Step 7



01. Why it overlap when preview even at design time no overlap?

If preview shown something like below, try adjust the component to by add 0.01 for Top field

Template.Tips-01.jpg Try Below Steps (in Inch)
  • Set all component Height = 0.1
  • Set 2nd component Top = 0.1
  • Set 3rd component Top = 0.2
  • Tick the Shift When Overlapped option in right click for both 2nd & 3rd component

02. Why it still same even after all the step above had follow & all scripts had copy?

Make sure the compoents width not overlap to next field

03. Can my 2nd & 3rd field longer then 1st field?

Yes just tick the Shift When Overlapped option in right click for both 2nd & 3rd component

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