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Menu: GL | Cash Book Entry...

  • Cash Book Entry is used to record collection/payment transactions other than customer/supplier payment. For example, payment for sales person expenses.
  • You can switch the entry form into either Payment Voucher or Official Receipt.
  • You can print the payment voucher/official receipt after save the entry.
  • Enable to quick create entry to Customer Payment, Supplier Payment, Customer Refund or Supplier Refund.

Receipt Voucher

  • To record miscellaneous collections, eg. interest/loan received from bank.
  • Enable to print the Official Receipt.
  • Select the correct tax code .
  • Example : If the tax code for rental received is SR , then select SR in the tax column.
GL-Cash Book-Receipt Voucher.jpg

Payment Voucher

  • To record miscellaneous payments, eg. pay salary, sales person claims, etc.
  • Enable to print the Payment Voucher.
  • Select correct tax code.
  • Example : If the tax code for petrol and parking are TX , then in the tax column select TX.
GL-Cash Book-Payment Voucher.jpg

How to enter Simplified Tax Invoice details to show in Lampiran 2

  • Insert the Tax Ref column.
GL-Cash Book-00.jpg

  • Enter the GST No. (No. GST Pembekal) only into Tax Ref.
  • Enter the detail description as Supplier Name (Name Pembekal) follow by semi comma (;) then description of the goods and services (diskripsi barang/perkhidmatan).
  • For example,ABC Stationery Sdn Bhd; IV-20160105 Stationery expense claim Jan 2016 in first description line. See the screenshot below.
GL-Cash Book-01.jpg

  • Lampiran 2 will be shown as the screenshot below.
GL-Cash Book-02.jpg

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