Bank Reconciliation

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Menu: GL | Bank Reconciliation...


  • To reconcile the account book bank balance and bank statement balance.
  • Enable to print the Bank Reconciliation Report.
GL-Bank Reconciliation-Browse.jpg

Bank Reconciliation

  • Select the Bank Statement Date.
  • Select the Account, eg. Bank Account.
  • Tick Display Period. Leave the Date From (BLANK) and Date To (same as Bank Statement Date).
  • Tick Show Unticked Transactions.
  • Tick Show Current Recon Transactions.
  • Merge Bank Charges.
  • Click Apply.
  • You may start to tick the bank transactions reconcile with the transactions show in Bank Statement.
GL-Bank Reconciliation-Input.jpg

OPENING Bank Reconciliation

  • Allows users to input not reconciled bank transactions before the System Conversion Date.
  • To access OPENING Bank Reconciliation. RIGHT click on around the Bank Reconciliation screen.
  • You will see a small menu. See below screenshot.
GL-Bank Reconciliation-Opening Bank Reconciliation.jpg
  • Select Opening Bank Reconciliation...
  • You will see the Opening Bank Reconciliation browse screen. See below screenshot.
GL-Bank Reconciliation-Opening Bank Reconciliation-Browse.jpg
  • Click NEW to input the Opening Bank Reconciliation entry. See below screenshot.
GL-Bank Reconciliation-Opening Bank Reconciliation-Entry.jpg
Field Name Explanation
Bank Select the Bank Account
Voucher No Input the Payment Voucher/Official Receipt No.
Date Input the date before System Conversion Date
Cheque No Input the Cheque No.
Description Input the description, eg. Opening Payment Voucher to ABC Sdn Bhd
Debit Receipts amount
Credit Payment amount


  • There are 2 reports, ie. Bank Reconciliation Report and Bank Reconciliation Listing.

1. Bank Reconciliation Report

GL-Bank Reconciliation-Report.jpg

2. Bank Reconciliation Listing

  • A listing to show the out of balance Bank Reconciliation.
GL-Bank Reconciliation-Listing.jpg