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Standalone is the License for Single User.


01. Double click the SQL Product icon at the desktop and the below dialog will appear.
02. Click on Custom Settings button.
03. Click Create Group
04. Select the Location where you wanted to save for the DCF File.
 Default is at C:\estream\SQLAccounting\Share
05. Select Firebird Standalone Database at Database Engine
06. Select the Database Folder & click Ok.
  Default is at C:\estream\SQLAccounting\DB
07. Click Test Connection to make sure is Blue Status
08. Click OK
09. Double Click the Firebird Icon.
Field Name Properties
Create Group Create New DCF file. Normally use at Server or Standalone use.
Add Group Add Existing DCF file. Normally use at workstation.

Template.Tips-01.jpg Right Click the Firebird Icon & select
  • Properties to back to Firebird Setting.
  • Create Desktop Shortcut to create a shortcut icon for each DCF file.

10. Click New Database On left Panel.
Field Name Properties
Backup To Backup Selected Database
Restore To Restore from the Backup
Create New Database To Create New Database with empty transaction
Create Sample Database Create a Database with sample transactions
Find Database Auto Find & add back the database which already drop link
Add Database Manually add back the database which already drop link

Template.Tips-01.jpg You can use Drag & Drop from windows explorer to restore the database.

11. Enter the Company Name & Click OK.
Field Name Properties
Database Database Name. May leave it as Default.
Company Name A Full Company Name you wanted to use for.
Remark This useful if you wanted to create 2 or more Same Company Name but for Different Year or Location.
Change Password This to Change the Default ADMIN password.
Default ADMIN password is ADMIN.
12. Double Click the Company Name.
13. Enter the User Name & Password As ADMIN & Click Log on (assuming the password is not change on step 7).
Field Name Properties
3 Dot Button To Go back to DCF Database list.
Remember password Tick this option (Not Recommended) for who don't want to type password every time open the database.

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