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  • SQL View is one of the powerful advance security module to SQL Payroll to limit your employees access and process payroll by designated grouping.
  • For example, KL HR manager can view and handle the KL branch employees only. However, the Penang HR staff will allow to view and handle Penang branch employees only.

1. All branches

All branches view in Maintain Employee
SQL View 01.jpg

2. Branch KL (KL HR Manager View)

Restricted to view and access the KL branch employees.
SQL View 01a.jpg

3. Branch Penang (Penang HR Staff View)

Restricted to view and access the Penang branch employees.
SQL View 01b.jpg

SQL View

Menu: Tools | DIY | Maintain DIY...

1. Right click on Employee (set view for Maintain Employee).
2. Click on New View Template.
SQL View 02.jpg

3. Click on New'.
SQL View 03.jpg

4. At View Template form, key-in description (eg. KL).
5. At Filter tab, add the condition by press the button to add a new condition.
SQL View 04a.jpg

6. Click to Change from AUTOKEY to BRANCH.
SQL View 04b.jpg

7. Next, change the operator from LIKE to EQUALS
SQL View 04c.jpg

8. Key-in the branch code (Code must same from Maintain Branch), eg. KL-BRANCH.
SQL View 04d.jpg