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==See also==
==See also==
[[SQL Accounting Linking]]
# [[SQL Accounting Linking]]
[[SDK Live]]
# [[SDK Live]]
[[SQL XML Import]]
# [[SQL XML Import]]

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Is External Program which able to import master file & transactions to SQLAccounting in Text or CSV format.


  1. Easy to generate.
  2. About 80% of modules is covered.


  1. Only can do New/Insert action.
  2. Maintain Stock Item not covered.
  3. Is Batch update.
  4. Only Sales & Purchase Part support GST (GST Exclusive Only) - 18 Oct 2014
  5. There is a cost for End User and Dealer.
Template.Tips-01.jpg Notes
1. FileName can be any name.
2. 1 DocType/BizObject 1 txt file.

Guideline & Example


Useful tools


  1. Install sqlaccounting
  2. Create Sample Data
  3. Login (username & password is Admin)
  4. Install the Import Program (Username & Password is sqlutility)
  5. Run the Import Program



  1. Set the Range to Import (Useful if the list too long & only available for Registred version)
  2. Click Get File button to select the Txt or csv file
  3. Click Verify To Check any duplicate or Valid Maintenance Code (eg Area, Agent, etc)
  4. Click the Dropdown List (see below pic) to see all the error
  5. Click Post To A/c to Post (Only Tick with Status show ok will post)


This is example error on the drop down status

See also

  1. SQL Accounting Linking
  2. SDK Live
  3. SQL XML Import