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(Sample DB)
(Things To Consider Before Import/Post)
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:* '''Override Sales Min/Max Price''' under the '''Group : Sales'''
:* '''Override Sales Min/Max Price''' under the '''Group : Sales'''
:* '''Override Acceptable Transaction Date''' under the '''Group : Tools'''
:* '''Override Acceptable Transaction Date''' under the '''Group : Tools'''
:* '''Save on Negative Quantity''' under the '''Group : Stock'''
: Untick (UnSelect) the option
: Untick (UnSelect) the option

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We had 4 Methods to Integrate/Link to SQL Accounting
QR SQLLink.jpg

SQL Accounting GST/SST & Firebird Program


Sample DB

Empty DB

  1. At the Login Screen Click 2 dot Button
  2. Click Create New Database
  3. Follow the wizard


Default UserName & Password is ADMIN


Things To Consider Before Import/Post

Before wanted to Import/Post to SQL Accounting Database, below information/setting must set in the SQL Accounting

01. Click Menu: View

Untick(UnSelect) the option
  • Command Navigator
  • Tabbed Docking
  • Allow Multiple Windows
  • Enable Windows Task Bar

02. Click Menu: Tools | Options... | Customer

Tick(Select) the option
  • Use Cash Sales No. for Payment Received
Untick(UnSelect) the option
  • Perform Tax / Local Amount Rounding
  • 5 Cents Rounding (Sales Invoice)
  • 5 Cents Rounding (Cash Sales)

03. Click Menu: Tools | Options... | Miscellaneous

Untick(UnSelect) the option
  • Prompt Negative Stock Quantity Dialog Box
  • Prompt Duplicate Cheque Number

04. Click Menu: Tools | Maintain User... | New

Create New User (eg POS)

05. Click Menu: Tools | Maintain User... | Access Right

Tick (Select) the option
  • Override Customer Credit Control under the Group : Customer
  • Override Sales Min/Max Price under the Group : Sales
  • Override Acceptable Transaction Date under the Group : Tools
  • Save on Negative Quantity under the Group : Stock
Untick (UnSelect) the option
Under the Group : Sales
  • Prompt Replace Unit Price Dialog
  • Show Payment / Change Dialog in Cash Sales

06. Must be had/valid in SQL Accounting

Field In SQL Accounting
Customer Code Customer => Maintain Customer
Supplier Code Supplier => Maintain Supplier
Terms Code Tools => Maintain Terms
Project Code Tools => Maintain Project
Sales/Purchase Account Code GL => Maintain Account
Sales/Purchase Return Account Code GL => Maintain Account
Cash/Bank Account Code Tools => Maintain Payment Method (Created from Maintain Account)
Agent Code Tools => Maintain Agent
Area Code Tools => Maintain Area
Currency Code Tools => Maintain Currency
Tax Code Tools => Maintain Tax (if had GST)

07. Below is Optional (i.e. if had post/import item code to SQL Accounting)

Field Location/Form
Item Code Stock => Maintain Stock Item
Location Code Stock => Maintain Location
Batch Code Stock => Maintain Batch

ALWAYS do backup the database First before Import/Post to SQL Accounting


Table/Fields Detail

Normal Used Table/Biz Object Name

---Sales Side---

  • AR_Customer -> Maintain Customer
  • SL_IV -> Sales Invoice
  • SL_CS -> Cash Sales
  • SL_CN -> Sales Credit Note
  • SL_DN -> Sales Debit Note
  • AR_PM -> Customer Payment
  • AR_IV -> Customer Invoice
  • AR_DN -> Customer Debit Note
  • AR_CN -> Customer Credit Note

---Purchase Side---

  • AP_Supplier -> Maintain Supplier
  • PH_PI -> Purchase Invoice
  • PH_CP -> Cash Purchase
  • PH_SC -> Purchase Return
  • PH_SD -> Purchase Debit Note
  • AP_SP -> Supplier Payment
  • AP_PI -> Supplier Invoice
  • AP_SD -> Supplier Debit Note
  • AP_SC -> Supplier Credit Note


Posting Information

  • Detail Data should Group by Stock Group/Category & TaxType (ZRL or SR) & Itemcode (if wanted import itemcode)
  • Eg. Cafe can be group by
- Food - SR
- Food - ZRL
- Beverage
- Service Charges
- Rounding
  • Eg. Today got 10 transactions
- 8 is Simplified Invoice - Group as 1 Doc No - POS-00001
- 2 is Full Tax Invoice/Credit Sales Invoice - 1 by 1 in - POS-00002, POS-00003
  • All can post to SL_CS & AR_PM
  • Below is example Today Total Simplified Invoice Sales is RM1000

Method 1 (Recommended)

It will be had 4 transactions

 1. RM1000 - Post to SL_CS & (P_DocNo, P_PaymentMethod field is empty & P_Amount, P_PaidAmount field is 0)
 2. RM700 by Cash - Post to AR_PM
 3. RM200 by MasterCard - Post to AR_PM
 4. RM100 by CreditCard - Post to AR_PM

Pros : Easy to Edit or Delete the transactions
Cons : Many Posting document

Method 2

It will be had 3 transactions

 1. RM700 by Cash - Post to SL_CS P_PaymentMethod field
 2. RM200 by MasterCard - Post to AR_PM
 3. RM100 by CreditCard - Post to AR_PM

Pros : Less Posting document
Cons :

  • Not Easy to Edit or Delete the transactions
  • Cash Sales OR number unable to override (i.e. System Auto set/assign)

Extra Notes

  • Both Full Tax & Simplified IV can use same Debtor Code as Not mention required Customer GST ID
  • Government 5 cents Rounding Mechanism - NO Tax/GST Code
  • Deposit for Non Refundable can use Customer Payment (AR_PM) & set NONREFUNDABLE field to 1
- Default is SR
- Will auto reverse once it being Knock-Off
  • Doc Disc should proportion by sub total amt for mix tax code (See Cash Sales POS-DocDisc)
- Doc Discount = 10% of Document Discount
- Sub Total for SR = 150.24 => Disc (150.24 * 10%) = 15.02
- Sub Total for ZR = 988.88 => Disc (988.88 * 10%) = 98.89


- Doc Discount = 113.91
- Sub Total for SR = 150.24 => Disc ((150.24/1139.12) * 113.91) = 15.02
- Sub Total for ZR = 988.88 => Disc ((988.88/1139.12) * 113.91) = 98.89
  • Mixed Supplies Tax Code
- ES
- TX-ES (Replace TX-N43)
  • Realise Bad Debts Use CN as Normal
- System will contra the provision bad debts done at GST-03 by 6 mth bad debts
- Make sure Knock the actual Bad debts Invoice
  • For Purchase Invoice(PI) MUST 1 by 1 post in (i.e. can't Group multi PI in 1 PI)


Prompt Invalid class string, ProdID: "SQLAcc.BizApp" Error while try to link to SQL Accounting.

  1. Login SQL Accounting
  2. Click Tools | Options
  3. Click Register & follow wizard
  4. Exit SQL Accounting
  5. Login SQL Accounting
  6. Try run you application to link again
If still prompt after above steps
  1. Uninstall SQL Accounting
  2. Stop Anti Virus
  3. Reinstall SQL Accounting
  4. Run the above steps again

Prompt Access Violation when import.

This happen due to
  1. The fieldname is not match with SQL Accounting (eg SQLAcc fieldname UDF_Width yr had call for UDF_Weight)
  2. Old version of SQL Acc Import program, try update the SQL Acc Import program
  3. The fieldname had the empty space at the beginning and/or end (norm happen if import from Excel) eg 'DocNo ' or ' DocNo' instead of 'DocNo'

Why after import the DO still had outstanding even the Invoice had imported?

Yes all import will loss the Transfer status (i.e. if import DO & IV will treat as different) except using SDK import with condition

Which field should I map/insert to for Credit Note & Debit Note for Invoice Number, Invoice Date & Reason?

In Generally(Recommended) you can use below field (All in Header Field)
SQL Accounting Field Mapping Field Description
DocNoEx Invoice Number Field Size : 20
DocRef1 Invoice Date Field Size : 25
Description Reason Field Size : 200
If you wanted posted in Detail Field also can
SQL Accounting Field Mapping Field Description
Remark1 Invoice Number Field Size : 200
Remark2 Invoice Date Field Size : 200
Description2 Reason Field Size : 200

Can I post/import to SQL Accounting in Monthly Basis?

No for GST/SST Era. It advice able to do Daily Basis posting/import as user had more time to verify if posting/import had Error/Problem
Below is the proper steps to do posting/import
  • Backup
  • Post/Import to SQL Accounting
  • Compare Listing in SQL Accounting with the POS/External Program Listing

In my system had multiple level document discount, how to post to SQL Accounting?

You can insert 2 or more rows(depend how many level you had) of item as negative unitprice.
But as mention above Extra Notes proportion by sub total amt for mix tax code.

Can I do like this, DR Bank/Cash In hand/Debtor & CR Sales Account using Journal?

No. The correct Double Entry is as following
- Invoice/Cash Sales
DR Debtor
CR Sales Account
- Payment Received
DR Bank/Cash In Hand
CR Debtor

Can I use just ADMIN ID to Import/Posting?

No. ADMIN had full Access Right & if had problem user might had problem trace back who doing the importing...
It adviceable to create Another ID with less Access Right

Can SQL Accounting & External Program(eg POS) Import/Posting doing Stock Control in same time?

Yes, but we Recommended External Program(eg POS) to do all the Stock Control if the External Program(eg POS)
able to do all the report Required by the User.
Reason :
01. Faster Import time
02. Timing issue as in SQL Acc the Qty is ALWAYS outdated cause real Stock In/Out is from the External Program(eg POS)
03. Data redundancy as 2 same data for different system
04. Avoid wasting time on Sync correctness stock data between 2 system

Related Ref : Can I control my Stock when I link with other Application?

Can SQL Acc accept negative amount?

Yes if for Item Row Amount
No all document amount(DocAmt field) must not below 0

Is there any setting for transaction without Tax?

No there is no special setting. All you had to do is to set the following field to
Field Value
Tax ''
TaxInclusive 0
TaxAmt 0

How to post If supplier given is Simplified Invoice but exceed RM500?

It advisable to ask the user to Request Full Tax Invoice from their supplier as user might pay double Tax due to add back for non claimable amount to the company profit by their Audit/Accountant.
Below is example(suggest) how we post to Simplified Invoice from supplier

Template.Tips-01.jpg You also can use the TX-NC tax code for amount exceed RM500


Prompt Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer) Error while try to post (eg Invoice)

Make sure the database you login is had Started the GST.


How to post SR with 6% for issue document after 01 Jun 2018?

There are 2 solutions

Solution 1

Add TaxRate Field Script/Code


 lDtl.FindField('TAX').AsString     := 'SR';
 lDtl.FindField('TAXRATE').AsString := '6%';


Solution 2

Create New Tax SR tax code with 6%(eg SR6) in SQL Accounting

Is there any changes in Linking for the SST?

  • GST to No SST
May follow Non GST
  • GST to SST
There is no much changes. Just treat is like normal GST only different is the Tax Code
Tax Code Description Rate Required Tariff Code
ST5 Sales Tax 5% Y
ST Sales Tax 10% Y
SV Service Tax 6% Y
STE Sales Tax Exempted N
New Field added
Field Name Field Type Field Size Mandatory Default Value Remarks
TARIFF String 20 C
  • Tariff or HS Code
  • Mandatory - If posting to
- GL Payment Voucher & GL Official Receipt
- Customer Invoice, Debit Note & Credit Note
- Supplier Invoice, Debit Note & Credit Note
- All Sales & Purchase Module without Item Code
  • No Required - If posting Sales & Purchase with Item Code

How to SQL Accounting handle if had Discount/Cash Voucher?

You can treat the Discount/Cash Voucher as Part of item row but is in Negative UnitPrice

Begin 11 Oct 2019 the Company ROC/BRN will increase to 12 digit characters. Any changes in Linking?

Yes if user is upgrade to Version 875.782 & above.
Table Affected
- SY_PROFILE => File | Company Profile
- AR_CUSTOMER => Customer | Maintain Customer
- AP_SUPPLIER => Supplier | Maintain Supplier
Field Changes
- Original Name REGISTERNO change to BRN
- New Field BRN2
- New Field Size for both Fields 30

SSM Announcement or PDF

  • Need assistance? May email to support@sql.com.my