SQL Accounting Linking

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We had 3 Methods to Integrate/Link to SQL Accounting

SQL Accounting GST Program


Sample DB

Empty DB

  1. At the Login Screen Click 2 dot Button
  2. Click Create New Database
  3. Follow the wizard
Default UserName & Password is ADMIN

Things To Consider Before Import/Post

Before wanted to Import/Post to SQL Accounting Database, below information must be had/valid in SQL Accounting

  1. Customer Code => Maintain Customer
  2. Supplier Code => Maintain Supplier
  3. Terms Code => Maintain Terms
  4. Project Code => Maintain Project
  5. Sales/Purchase Account Code => Maintain Account
  6. Sales/Purchase Return Account Code => Maintain Account
  7. Cash/Bank Account Code => Maintain Payment Method (Created from Maintain Account)
  8. Agent Code => Maintain Agent
  9. Area Code => Maintain Area
  10. Currency Code => Maintain Currency

Below is Option (i.e. if had post/import item code to SQL Accounting)

  1. Item Code => Maintain Stock Item
  2. Location Code => Maintain Location
  3. Batch Code => Maintain Batch

Table/Fields Detail