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This is the "Bridge" direct live linking between External Program with SQL Accounting


  1. Can Live or Batch Update.
  2. Can do action such as New, Edit & Delete.
  3. About 95% of modules is covered.
  4. Can direct Retrieve/Get Information From Connected Database.
  5. Support GST.
  6. Free of Charge for End User. (Freeware)


  1. Must had SQL Accounting installed & running.
  2. Must self do checking else error prompt will unable to “capture”.


Linking Flow


  1. Install sqlaccounting
  2. Create Sample Data
  3. Login (username & password is Admin)
  4. Double click the SQLSDK.chm file
  5. Click Application Object | Business Objects
  6. Click the word "here"
  7. Click Yes
  8. In the list Look for (example)
- AR_IV -> Customer Invoice
- AR_CN -> Customer Credit Note
- AP_PI -> Supplier Invoice
- SL_ID -> Sales Invoice
- ST_AJ -> Stock Adjustment

Problem with CHM File

A. Problem with opening CHM Help files?

  1. Right click the chm file & select Properties
  2. At General tab Click Unblock button.
  3. Click Apply | Ok.

B. Still can't open CHM file?

  1. Login SQL Accounting
  2. Click Tools | Options
  3. Click Register & follow wizard
  4. Exit SQL Accounting
  5. Login SQL Accounting
  6. Run CHM File

Example External Program