Print Stock Document Listing

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Menu: Stock| Print Stock Document Listing...


  • Print Stock Document Listing can be used for you to see all the stock adjustment documents that you have issued.
  • You can see Stock Received Listing, Stock Issue Listing, Stock Transfer Listing, Stock Adjustment Listing.

How to Print Stock Document Listing

Stock doc listing-location.png
  • Select which Document listing you want to see. Follow the image
Stock doc listing-selection.png
  • Press Apply Button
Stock document listing- browse.png
  • Click Preveiw & Listing Report
  • Example of stock document listing report
Stock doc listing-previewreport.png

Print Document Style

  • Tick relevant check boxes
Stock doc listing-printdocstyle.png
Field Name Explanation
Print Document Style
  • Tick this checkbox to print out bulk report or send batch email
Include Cancelled Documents
  • Tick this checkbox to include cancelled documents in the listing
  • If you Tick Print Document Style , you will see that you will able able to choose purchase document report format.
Stockdoc list-print doc type-2.png

Group/Sort By

  • You can filter your documents based on Project, location and Company Category
Stock document listing-filter.png
  • You can use the Group by/Sort by table to choose how you want to group your report listing
Stock document listing- groupbysortby.png
  • Here is an example of the report
Stockdoc list-preview-lvl1-report.png

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