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Menu: Tools | Print Bar Code (Windows Printer)


To print the bar code label using Windows Printer for the items created in Maintain Stock Item.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-01.jpg

Update Item Bar Code Listing

1. At first, you can update the item bar code in the Maintain Stock Item.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-02b.jpg

2.Click on + button to insert the items. See the screenshot below.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-02.jpg

3. Click the SAVE button to save the item bar code listing. Type a file name (eg. BarCode_Items_31122015) to save. See the screenshot below.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-03.jpg

4. Message prompted. Click OK.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-04.jpg

Load the Previous Item Bar Code Listing

1. Click on a Carbinet button to load from the previous file for item bar code listing (eg.BarCode_Items_31122015). Click on OPEN.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-05.jpg

2. Confirmation message prompted. Click on OK to load it. Click on NO' to cancel it.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-06.jpg

3. Message Load success prompted. Click on OK to proceed.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-07.jpg

4. You can continue update the new items and save as new file name.

Preview/Print the Bar Code Label

1. Click on Preview or Printer (to skip the preview).
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-08.jpg

2. After the preview, click on Printer button to print.

How to Change the label size (mm) measurement for the Bar Code Label

1. Click on the Report Name. See the screenshot below.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-09.jpg

2. To change the paper unit measurement. Click on Report | Units, choose to Millimeters.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-10.jpg

3. To change the paper size. Click on File | Page Setup...
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-11.jpg

4. Click on Paper Size tab, change the Width and Height to 35 and 25 respectively (mm), eg. the label paper size is 35mm x 25mm.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-12.jpg

5. Check the Layout tab to make sure the Columns set to value = 1.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-13.jpg

6. Check the Margin tab as well to make sure all (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) are set to value = 0 . Click OK to exit Page Setup.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-14.jpg

7 To fix label each page contains 1 barcode of an item. Right click on Detail band, select Position.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-15.jpg

8. Set Print Count to value = 1. Click OK to confirm.
Tools-Print Bar Code-WinPrinter-16.jpg

9. Save the report with another name.