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* [http://www.flamerobin.org/ Flame Robin Homepage]
* [http://www.flamerobin.org/ Flame Robin Homepage]
* [http://www.estream.com.my/downloadfile/Fairy/FlameRobin.zip Alternative Download]
* [https://download.sql.com.my/customer/Fairy/FlameRobin.zip Alternative Download]
* MD5 : 52F515BAA34F2A1DFA986AAFF7D9DB3E (Alternative Link Only)
* MD5 : 52F515BAA34F2A1DFA986AAFF7D9DB3E (Alternative Link Only)

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Is an External Firebird Console Application.

Using this Application is at your own risk.
Estream will not responsible on any data corrupt or missing due to usage of this application.


  • Firebird Server



Using Official download

  • Just Double Click the Setup & Follow the Setup wizard.

Using Alternative Download

  • Just Unzip/Extract the file to the location you wanted.


Server Information

  • Only 1 time setting for each Firebird Version
01. Right Click Here
02. Select Server registration info...
03. Enter as following
Field Description
Display name Can be anything (eg Happy)
Hostname Server Name/IP Address
Port Number Firebird Port number (Default is 3050)
04. Click Save button

Register Database

  • Can add more then 1 database if you wanted to but if can just register only 1 & you can just keep reuse the same setting

Register New Database

01. Click Database | Register existing database...
02. Enter as following
Field Description
Display name Can be anything (eg ACC-0038)
Database path The Firebird FDB file path
Authentication Use only Use saved user name and password
User name Firebird user name (Default is SYSDBA)
Password Firebird password (Default is masterkey)
Charset Set to UTF8 (For FB3.0 & above)
Role Leave it empty
03. Click Save button
04. Click Database | Connect

Update/Reuse Registered Database

01. Select here
02. Click Database | Database Registration Info...
03. You will see same as Steps 02 Register New Database at above
04. Just change the Display name (optional) & Database path
05. Click Save button
06. Click Database | Connect

Write Query

01. Select here
02. Click Database | Run a query...
03. You can enter/type your SQL Query here
04. Press F4 to Execute your Query
05. Press F5 to Commit your Query

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