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Where & How do System Keep the Product Information?

Default all the eCommerce Product Information will keep in the Maintain Item | Alt Tab
Platform Platform Field
  • Item ID
  • Item SKU
  • Seller SKU
  • Shop SKU
WooCommerce SKU
  • SKU
  • Item ID

What is the Max Character System allow to Keep in Stock Alternative?

Max Character allow is
- 30 (5.2021.913.805 & below)
- 35 (5.2021.914.806 & above)

Why after Post & Refetch the Product & ItemCode become all duplicate?

It due to user had Set Same SKU at the eCommerce Platform for Diff product...

How System Post the Shipping Fee Amount?

For Shopee it use following formula
shipping fee = (escrow + refund) - product price - commission - service - transaction
For Lazada & WooCommerce it direct get from the platform field
It will not Post If the Shipping Fee is pay by the buyer

How to handle Serial Number?

If wanted to using Packing List

You can Use To Ship Status Post to Sales Order first, then manually transfer to Invoice.
Make sure Enter the Invoice Doc No = Order No and Serial Number as well.

If Not using Packing List

Just normal post to Invoice then enter the Serial Number after post

How to do if I want to split different Platform Sales?

You can use Project Code for each Platform

How system handle Opening Invoice?

  • users need to fetch & post the last 1-2 months orders (into sales invoice)
  • during load payment, if system detect got before system conversion date will prompt red alert please sync all, you need right click check past invoice & post past invoice
  • if future payment cycle have any adjustment related to past invoice, system will update both SL_IV(itemise detail) & AR_IV (DocAmt)

Where to Download the Statement for each Platform?

May refer below link

What/which transaction will use for the Setting set?

Field Description
  • Shipping Fee (Shopee, Lazada & Woocommerce)
  • Auto. Shipping fee subsidy (by Lazada)
  • Shipping Fee (Paid By Customer) (Lazada)
  • Shipping Fee Voucher (by Lazada)
  • Commission Fee (Shopee)
  • Service Fee (Shopee)
  • Transaction Fee (Shopee)
  • Payment Fee (Lazada & TikTok)
  • Affiliate Commission (TikTok)
  • Platform Commission (TikTok)
  • Seller Voucher (Shopee)
  • Lazcoin Discount(Lazada)
  • Free Shipping Max Fee (Lazada)
  • Voucher (Woocommerce)
  • For bundle deal
  • Eg 1 item RM 5 , if you buy 3 , then get at special price RM 12, System will Post Discount as RM3
  • as long as in statement, fee type is "Claim" in Lazada
  • example damage claim, lost claim, shipping claim
  • and many other not encountered yet claims

Where is the Help file for each Platform?

May refer below link

Why non stock control item code transferable is set to False(Untick)?

This is cause to remove the non stock control item code to shown in Outstanding Report

Why when load Payment status shown "Missing Item Code"?

This happen when user
  • Forget to Map the Itemcode in SQL Accounting
  • The SKU in platform are Deleted

Solution: Sync the Product again & Map again for missing itemcode

How system handle for Combo Product in Platform?

In SQL Accounting it use BOM Template as Detail Itemcode to deduct
Below is Example Selling Mobile Phone with Power Bank

Why Expired Date column keep shown wrong date even I Relogin the platform?

It because you pc system date time is not correctly...
  1. Click Windows & type Date & Time Settings
  2. Make sure You select correct Time zone
  3. Click Sync
  4. Try Relogin the platform again in SQL Accounting


How system post when Shipping Fees charges higher than Seller Paid Amount cause escrow amount in negative?

System will Post to Sales CN and set Qty in Negative (In the Order Tab).
When Load in Income statement(.xls) files into Payment Tab, system will auto post to Customer Refund.

How system post for Order Cancelled with Posted Invoice?

This Normally happen when Buyer not at Home after few attempt send & seller decide to cancelled the Order

How system handle for Payment Withdraw?

How do I get my payment?
How to Post In SQL Accounting?

Why when I load the payment the date look like not correct?

Try redownload again from shopee as shopee had updated the format


How system Post Marketing Fees?

When load in Finance statement(.csv) file in Payment Tab (marketing fees without Order No).
System will post to Sales CN (Transaction Fee) and Customer Refund.

How system handle Reversal Item Price and Adjustment Item Charge?

System will Delete the CN once load payment file(if the lazada payment release more than Outstanding Invoice amount)

How system handle for first release payment in negative due to shipping fees under charge customer?

When load payment, once release amount is in negative, system will delete earlier Invoice, and raise CN(amount will be exactly same as Payment file) and Refund.
When 2nd payment(Adjustment), if the amount is in negative, append to CN and Refund, if in positive, will raise Invoice(Adjustment value) and Payment.

Why the Invoice Amount is changes once Payment is loaded?

It due to Shipping Fee updated.
Lazada actual Shipping Fee only known after Payment is Loaded.

What is the Claim Field for & What GL Account to Set?

This only use when there is Damage Claim from Lazada.
You can create New Account under Sales as it part of Sales too.

Load Payment shown Status As Payment ref id not found

It mean Lazada not yet release the payment to Seller & SQL will not posting without payment ref ID.

Where to download the Logistic Billing detail?

You may refer Logistics Billing System - updates to shipping fee charges and Account Statement

How do system handle for Same Oder Number from different Store?

System will add Last 4 character Store Id for the duplicate(for 2nd & above Invoice)

When Fetch Prompt Api access frequency exceed the limit

This happen when click too many times fetch. Just close whole window & try again

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