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Limitation & Precaution

  1. No support for opening balance with foreign currency.
    • This is because UBS have two posting (1 local, 1 foreign) for foreign currency transaction and sometimes one of the posting might be missing.
  2. Always import Price History first before AR/AP Opening Balance.
    • This is to avoid system from auto-delete AR/AP opening balance when importing Price History with same document number.


  1. After UBS database is restored, run the following Housekeeping operation:-
    • Index All Files
    • Recover Data After Power Failure
    • Delete Unwanted Transactions

Preparing for Opening & Sales/Purchase Price History

  1. Insert season code.
  2. Import account and stock as normal. Before importing stock item, check and tick any options at the bottom as needed.
  3. Before importing Sales & Purchase Price History, login into UBS and perform the following steps:-
    • Transaction | Open Item Debtor | Edit B/F or O/I | Must tick mark all to O/I | Exit
    • Transaction | Open Item Debtor | Maintain B/F Bills | Click "List" (Exit "List" and click "Generate" if there are transactions)
    • Transaction | Open Item Debtor | Bill Payment Ledger | List Missing Records in Arpost.DBF | Press OK if there are items in the list or press Exit if non
  4. Repeat Step 3 for Creditor.
  5. Please check with clients if they want to do UBS Account Year End Processing before importing Debtor or Creditor Opening Balance.
  6. After that go Tools | Options and change the Financial Start Period and System Conversion Date if needed.
  7. Now, run Sales and Purchase Price History (go into File | Data Import | UBS Stock).
  8. After done Sales & Purchase Price History, log in to UBS go Housekeeping | Run Setup | General Setting.
    • Put the "Closing Period"
  9. Then, go to Periodic | Year End Closing.
  10. After done the above steps, go back go File | Data Import | UBS Account, then select the UBS database folder. Beware of the following when selecting UBS database folder:-
    • DO NOT select the folder under the UBS database folder. E.g. "DATA2013"
    • After select, tick which Opening document to import.
  11. Finally, run Tools | Analyse Data Integrity and backup.