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Last Customisation Update : 25 Dec 2015
Last Customisation Update : 25 Dec 2015
[http://www.estream.com.my/document/ACC%20BK-%5BBonusVoucherPoint%5D.zip Sample Database]
[https://www.sql.com.my/document/ACC%20BK-%5BBonusVoucherPoint%5D.zip Sample Database]
===History New/Updates/Changes===
===History New/Updates/Changes===

Latest revision as of 03:35, 12 July 2022


This Customisation is to calculate/maintain the Point/Bonus


01. Able to set Claim Rate (i.e. 1 Point = How many RM eg 1 Point = RM0.01 so enter as 0.01)
02. Able to set Point Rate by item code (i.e. RM1 = How many point eg RM1 = 1 so enter as 1)
03. Point Rate can be calculate by Amount and/or Qty
04. Able to Claim like Voucher as Discount
05. Able to Claim Item
06. Claim Point Rate can be change runtime


01. Unable to handle the cancel & Delete Invoice - Manually deduct the point using Update Button on Extra DO
02. If the customer no transaction within the month it unable to Generate Statement
03. No Auto Deduct Expiry Point - manually deduct the point using Update Button on Extra DO
04. Able to handle 2 decimal Point only
05. Batch Insert no checking (i.e. User may over deduct the point)
06. User had to manually Adjust for Opening after the Year End Purging had done.

Last Customisation Update : 25 Dec 2015

Sample Database

History New/Updates/Changes

25 Dec 2015

  • Enable Support GST Version
  • Add UnClaim Voucher Listing report
  • Add Bonus-Sales Invoice 7 (GST 2) report
  • Fix Bonus Statement show $ symbol
  • Remove auto 5 cents rounding script

Know Bugs

  • Tick UseQty not update


  • Show UTD Point at Maintain Customer
  • Option to Include or Exclude GST for Bonus Point

Modules Require

  • DIY Field
  • DIY Script
  • Invoice ----> DO
  • Multiple Document Number Set


Maintain User

Menu: Tools | Maintain User...

Untick the Access Right for Prompt Replace Unit Price Dialog under the Group : Sales

Maintain Item

Menu: Stock | Maintain Stock Item...

01. Item Code to be create - Voucher => For Claim use (eg 1 point = RM 0.01)
02. For each item code enter the Voucher Rate (eg 0.5 point = RM 1)

Sales Invoice

Menu: Sales | Invoice...

This applicable also at Sales Debit Note, Sales Cash Sales & Sales Credit Note
UDF Fields Description
  • Enter the Voucher Number (Extra DO DocNo) & amount will base on the Extra DO DocAmt
  • Not Applicable for Sales Credit Note
UDF_VoucherRate From maintain item & user still can adjust the rate if wanted to
  • Tick => UDF_Voucher := UDF_VoucherRate * Qty
  • UnTick => UDF_Voucher := UDF_VoucherRate * Amount
UDF_Voucher Total Current item Point

Extra Delivery Order

Menu: Sales | Extra Delivery Order...

This is the center or Ledger for all Point IN & OUT.
Fields Description
  • CRP-XXXXX - Is Claim/Deduct Transactions Point
  • Voc-XXXXX - Is In/Add Transactions Point
DocNoEx Is From which DocNo is Generate From
DocRef1 Which Voc-XXXXX is use for Claim/Deduct Point
DocAmt The Total Point for each transaction.
  • Tick - Is Claim/Deduct Transactions Point
  • Untick - Is In/Add Transactions Point


Sales Invoice

Below is example in Sales Invoice with Voucher Claim
Menu: Sales | Invoice...

01. Enter all Information (eg Company Code, Date, ItemCode, etc) as norm for Normal Sales (i.e. Add Point).
02. Select itemcode Voucher.
03. Enter the Voucher Number.
04. Save.

If no Voucher is use (i.e. Just deduct/redeem either fully/partly by Point),
  • Just enter the UDF_VoucherRate as - (Negative Value) after enter the Negative UnitPrice

Extra Delivery Order

Menu: Sales | Extra Delivery Order...

In here user can do adjustment for the point for each Customer.
01. Click Update Button
02. Untick this if you wanted to Add the point
03. Enter the Point to Add/Reduce.
04. Click Post Button

Extra Delivery Order Listing

Menu: Sales | Print Sales Document Listing...

Here is for user to print the Bonus Statement or UnClaim Voucher Listing report
01. Select Extra Delivery Order Listing & Range Date
02. Tick Customer Code
03. Click Apply button
04. Press F6 to preview
05. Select report name Bonus Statement or UnClaim Voucher Listing
06. Click Ok button

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