AutoCount Payroll

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File | Import Data | AutoCount Payroll


This function is to import the Data From the Autocount Payroll.

Type Information/Data Import

  1. Company Profile (PROFILE)
  2. Maintain Payment Method (BANK)
  3. Maintain Department (DEPT)
  4. Maintain Race (RACE)
  5. Maintain Allowance (ALLOWANCE)
  6. Maintain Deduction (DEDUCTION)
  7. Maintain Employee (EMPLOYEE)


  1. Backup of Autocount Payroll File which normally the file extention is P01 (Eg. SAMPLE COMPANY SDN BHD [2012] - 20120606.P01)
  2. SQL Payroll Application
  3. Empty Database of SQL Payroll


  1. Login the Empty Database of SQL Payroll
  2. Click File | Import Data | AutoCount Payroll
3. Select the Autocount Backup File & Click Open
4. Click Ok To Start Import
5. Click Close to Finish import.