Assignment 2 (SQL CC - Advance)

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Last Script Update : 09 Nov 2015
Level : Advance

Assignment : How to get the data from Master table into entry form?

  • Create the DIY fields such as UDF_PCS, UDF_CTN in Maintain Stock Item; and
  • UDF_Price in Sales Documents (eg. sales invoice).
  • Purpose is:
 Get UDF_PCS & UDF_CTN from Maintain Item to Sales Invoice Detail UDF_Price
 # If selected itemcode UOM is PCS then use UDF_PCS
 # if selected itemcode UOM is CTN then use UDF_CTN 
 # if selected itemcode UOM not PCS or CTN then default is 1 
  • Calculation for Unit Price := UDF_Price * UDF_Rate


Insert DIY Field

01. Click Tools | DIY | SQL Control Center...
02. At the left panel look for Stock | Stock Item .
03. Point to Stock Items Fields.
04. On the right panel, insert the new field as per the table below.
Name Data Type Size SubSize Caption Required Default Value Display Format
PCS Float 10 2 UDF_PCS FALSE (Untick) BLANK #,0.00;-#,0.00
CTN Float 10 2 UDF_CTN FALSE (Untick) BLANK #,0.00;-#,0.00

02 A2-ST - ItemFields.jpg
05. Click Save.
06. Update operation successful message. Click OK.

Insert DIY Script

01. Click Tools | DIY | SQL Control Center...
02. At the left panel look for Sales Invoice .
03. Right Click the Sales Invoice.
04. Select New Event.
05. Enter any name (eg Calc) in the Name field (Only Alphanumeric & no spacing).
06. Select OnGridColumnValueChanged for Event field.
07. Click OK.
08. Click the Calc (name create at Step 5 above) on the left panel.
02 A1-SL - OnGridColValChg-Calc.jpg
09. Copy below script & paste to the Right Panel (Script Section).
    if SameText(EditingField, 'ItemCode')or
       SameText(EditingField, 'UDF_mUnitPrice') then begin
            DataSet.FindField('UnitPrice').AsFloat :=
            DataSet.FindField('Rate').AsFloat * DataSet.FindField('UDF_mUnitPrice').AsFloat;

10. Click Save button.
  • Avoid update the same existing field name Unit Price. You have to create different name ie. UDF_mUnitPrice.

Result Test

01. Go to Stock | Maintain Stock Item...
02. Edit the "ANT" stock item.
03. Insert additional UOM with different RATE, eg. 1 CARTON = 12 UNITS and 1 BOX = 60 UNITS.
03 A1-ST-MaintainStk Item.jpg

04. Create new sales invoice from Sales | Invoice...
05. Call out the columns name UDF_mUnitPrice and Rate.
03 A1-Sales Invoice Entry.jpg

06. Insert and select the item code "ANT".
07. Change the UOM to CARTON. Rate will be changed to 12.
08. Input the value into UDF_mUnitPrice. U/Price will be calculated from your DIY script formula (UDF_mUnitPrice x Rate).
03 A1-Sales Invoice -Detail.jpg