Analyse Data Integrity

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Menu: Tools | Analyse Data Integrity...


To analyse the data integrity check. It is recommended to perform this action weekly or monthly (before month end closing).
Reason to run this may due to the following unpredictable matters:
  1. malfunction/glitch from hardware such as network switch, computer, server, etc.
  2. Network stability, such as wireless lost connection.
  3. Power failure
  4. Operating System failure

Analyse Data Integrity

There are 3 parts of analyse data integrity.
a. Regular Data Integrity
* Check AP Knock Off Integrity
* Check AR Knock Off Integrity
* Update Customer Outstanding
* Check Document Integrity
* Check Document Transfer Integrity
* Check Delivery Order/Invoice/Cash Sales to Credit Note Posting Date
* Check Production Document Transfer Integrity
* Check GL Opening Balance
* Check GST DO -> IV Posting Integrity
* Repost Stock Transactions
* Calculate Stock Costing
* Compress Stock Item Pictures
* Update Stock Balance Quantity
* Update Supplier Outstanding
* Resequence Table Fields
* Regenerate Views
* Remove Temporary Table
b. Reposting
* Repost AR Documents
* Repost AP Documents
* Repost GL Documents
* Repost PH Documents
* Repost SL Documents
Reposting might took times to perform repost for the documents selected.
Tools-Analyse Data Integrity-01.jpg

To Start Analyse

1. Tick the Analyse Items required to analyse, otherwise skip this step 1.
2. Click on Start Analyse.
Tools-Analyse Data Integrity-02.jpg

3. Prompt the message to inform you the total tasks ticked has analyse completed.
Tools-Analyse Data Integrity-03.jpg

4. You can copy the analyse log detail by click on Copy to Clipboard.
Tools-Analyse Data Integrity-04.jpg

5. Open notepad or Microsoft Words. Paste it.
Tools-Analyse Data Integrity-05.jpg