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What is the faster solution to show the date format correctly?
::[[File:02 FAQ Payroll 04a.jpg|800px]]
<br />
''Government Reports | Print Income Tax PCB 2 (II)''<br />
1. Go to '''Control Panel'''.<br />
2. Search for '''Region''' in Control Panel.
3. Click on '''Additional Settings...'''<br />
::[[File:02 FAQ Payroll 04b.jpg|800px]]<br />
4. Click to '''Date''' tab.<br />
5. Change the Short Date Format to '''DD/MM/YYYY'''
::[[File:02 FAQ Payroll 04c.jpg|400px]]<br />
6. Date display has shown correctly now.<br />
::[[File:02 FAQ Payroll 04d.jpg|800px]]<br />

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