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By default firebird not fully utilies the RAM. Using this new function user can self allocate size of RAM to be use for each Database.


  • Fully use the available RAM in server
  • Increase the database performance


  • Will slow down the Server Performance if not careful
  • Not support for Standalone


  • Available Version :
SQL Accounting : 746 & above
SQL Payroll  : 130 & above
  • Firebird Server
  • Minimum 16 GB RAM
  • A reliable Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS (ie. backup power battery).


01. Click 3 dot button in the Login Screen
02. Right Click the Database you wanted to set.
03. Select Properties
04. Enter ADMIN Password
Function Description
Write data to hard disc immediately
  • Tick (Default) - This means that data is flushed to disc on COMMIT. This is safest for your data.
  • Untick - The operating system controls when the data is actually written to disc. (Not Recommended)
Page Buffers (in MB)
  • 16 (Default)
05. Enter the Size you wanted or Click Use recommended page buffers setting (Default is 300 MB)
06. Click OK

Things to take note when you have untick - Write data to hard disc immediately:
a. Server PC must protected by a reliable UPS (ie. backup power battery).
b. Make sure the server properly shutdown.
c. Operating System must at least minimum is Win7, Windows Server 2012 and above.