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This function is to allow user to customer the buttons at the Main Application by user.

Bar Navigator

Field Name Properties
  • Definition : Navigator Full Description
  • Field Type : Alphanumerical
  • Length : 160
Reset Button To restore to Default Layout
01. Right Click here
02. Select Customize...
Field Name Properties
Toolbars Show list of available Toolbars.
New... button Create New Toolbar
Rename...button Rename the highlighted Toolbar
Delete Delete highlighted Toolbar
03. Select Commands tab
Field Name Properties
Categories List of Available Buttons Category
Commands List of Available Buttons on the Selected Category
04. Select Categories (eg Sales)
05. Select Commands (eg Invoice...)
06. Drag from Step 5 to here
07. Click Close
08. Click Save
09. Click Browse
10. Click More | Navigator vs User
Options Properties
- No setting is Set
Default Set the Setting
Deny Not allow to use. (Not use in this Function)
11. Set the User to use the Toolbar.
12. Click Save (Blue Disc Icon button)